Shipping & Returns

We're going to be honest, the USPS has been a bit of a mess since the beginning of football season and we want to make sure that we are keeping you all in the loop. Our orders are guaranteed to arrive but the Postal Service is experiencing slight delays due to budget cuts. In general we take about a week to make your item, and then you can expect your deliveries to be get to you in 7-10 days after that (many of our products are hand made so they take a bit of time to thread together.)
Since we are a small business we are able to deliver local orders in the event of USPS issues. Local orders include Cobb County & surrounding areas.  
We are working on switching our delivery to UPS & FedEx before the holiday season to mitigate these delays. 

If you are experiencing any delivery delays you can reach out to me directly at or just send a chat message to the website and I will get back to you ASAP! 

At the end of the day we are here to spread the love for the DAWGS and we are looking to do right by our community, not just make a quick buck. 


You can learn more about the USPS crisis here.